The Deck of Many Things App


Chaos comes to the App Store! The Deck of Many Things app is a play aid for most editions of the world’s most popular roleplaying game. With it, you can experience both the great thrill and the dire regret to be gained by drawing from the legendary Deck of Many Things. The app allows gamemasters to run an encounter with the deck without resorting to playing cards or dice to simulate a card draw and without flipping between pages of a book or pdf to look up card effect. It features a fun, gesture-focused interface and includes fully illustrated cards, presented alongside their rules text, for fun and ease of use.

  • Select a number of draws and run your entire encounter with the deck of many things straight from the app.
  • Enjoy amazing, original artwork for each card.
  • Display cards with with your choice of rules system, including Fifth Edition, OE Supplement 1, First Edition, Second Edition, 3.5 or PFRPG, all reproduced or adapted under the Open Gaming License.
  • Tweak the rules to set the deck size, decide whether to discard jokers, and make other changes specific to each edition.
    Enjoy a rich, polished interface full of animations, transitions and intuitive gestural controls.